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6 Reasons, Why You Need A GPS Tracker For Your Car

by Rae Castillon

A GPS car tracker is a device that uses GPS (Global Positioning System) to locate your vehicle once it has been installed on your car. Other functions of the tracker depend on the model and connectivity. The prominent functionalities include live tracking, geo-fencing, speeding alarms, trip history, and mobile notifications.

Cars are unquestionably a part of life in the United Kingdom. While 90% of all households own a vehicle, 58 percent own two or more. So, it’s important to safeguard your vehicle. While insurance can help with things like car theft, medical fees, and car repairs after an accident, a GPS tracker is a simple gadget that may help you protect and keep track of your car and its drivers.

While some may believe that installing a GPS tracker in a car is something that only spies do in movies, some consider it a luxury. But there are numerous compelling reasons to trust GPS car trackers. Continue reading to find out.

1. Real-Time Location Tracking

Live tracking is something that everyone adores these days. Whether the car is on the move or in idle position, real-time tracking will uncover the exact location with the utmost accuracy. To achieve live tracking, the device must be capable of providing good connectivity and efficient usage of GPS systems. Trackers with location accuracy of 30 sec are available in the market. This means that these trackers can provide location at a maximum delay of 30 sec.

2. Easy Installation And Mobile/Desktop Application

Installing a GPS tracker is as simple as changing a light bulb. And it doesn’t really require any technical advice. The only aspect to take care while installing is that the installing location should never block the network connectivity. This can be ensured by a simple trial and error method in different network areas once installed.

Mobile and desktop apps are the key to convenience and efficient management. All the functions and configurations of the GPS tracker device lie in the mobile app. A well-built and simple to use mobile app is the best part of a good tracking experience.

3. Get Help In An Emergency

The advantages of a GPS tracker, according to most people, is seeking aid immediately in an emergency. If you’re stuck or in an accident, you’ll be able to alert emergency services and allow them to access you using a vehicle tracking device. This is especially vital if you’re in a new place. The tracker devices have dedicated SOS button.

4. Business Dashboard And Analytics

Managing a fleet involves managing vehicles which are assigned to different routes. Each of the vehicles have individual GPS trackers installed, but only a single dashboard is required to monitor all the trackers at once. And thereby monitoring all the vehicles on the road. It is so convenient that one can easily analyze the attributes of multiple vehicles like speed, distance covered, time of travel in one single window.

5. Reducing Running Costs

You can track if one of the drivers is speeding unnecessarily and wasting fuel. Keeping an eye on these things can significantly reduce your overall running costs by reducing the extra fuel bills and maintenance bills.

6. Customer’s Safety

Using GPS car trackers, you will be able to know the live location and the complete details of where the car has been. It will allow you to react immediately in case of any security urgency. You can also access real-time updates about a vehicle’s arrival or departure at a particular place.

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