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Classic Chevy’s That Will Go Down in History

by Rae Castillon

If you love great cars, then you probably already know that when it comes to American made cars, Chevrolet has made some of the most memorable cars of all time. Whether old or new, Chevy has built some of the best vehicles ever driven. They even tend to hold value as classics and are some of the most sought-after American made vehicles made.

According to A1AutoTransport.com, a person can often estimate the monetary value of a classic car by checking its popularity as well as its overall condition. For some cars however, even if the condition needs restored, or the monetary price may be lower than expected, some cars are just valuable no matter what.

If you love a great car and want to see some of the best that were ever manufactured and especially those that hold their value and are well worth checking out, here are five of the most iconic Chevy cars and trucks to ever go from the assembly line to the showroom floor and these are guaranteed to go down in history.

Chevy Bel Air

The Chevy Bel Air debuted in the 1950’s and they quickly became popular automobiles. Even today, these cars are still popular with collectors. The Chevy Bel Air was produced from the 1950’s and continued until 1981. The Bel Air was a full-sized car with plenty of room and could be purchased with a hard top or a soft convertible top. In 2002, a new Chevy Bel Air concept car was introduced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan but it was never picked up for production. This car is however, one of the most beautiful cars ever made by Chevy and very popular on the classic car circuit today.

Chevy C10 Pickup Truck

The Chevy C-10 pickup truck was introduced in 1960 and could be purchased with an eight-foot bed or a six-and-a-half-foot bed. The C-10 was manufactured from 1960 through 1987 when Chevrolet started naming trucks 1500, 2500 and 3500. Today, the C-10 is still a reliable truck and parts are affordable and easy to find which makes owning one convenient as well as special since these trucks are classic, yet still very much drivable thanks to the ingenuity and marksmanship of Chevrolet. The C-10 is a rugged truck that was designed for hard work and it definitely lives up to that even today. You can find many of these trucks still on the road today with well over 300,000 miles and just as a Chevrolet will do, they just keep on running!

Chevy Impala

When the Chevrolet Impala debuted in 1958, it was known for its symmetrical triple taillights and through the year 1965, it was the number one selling car in the United States. The 1965 model sold a record breaking number when it hit one million and kept selling. In 1958 when the Impala was introduced, General Motors was celebrating their 50th year in business and they wanted to produce a vehicle for every brand they had including Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile. The Chevy Impala was the successor to the Bel Air but was longer and wider and had a coil spring suspension. The Impala has seen many changes throughout the years and the modern Impalas can be found with advanced technology including On-Star, rear cameras, Bluetooth music and communications, and touchscreen infotainment systems, but old or new, the Impala is a car that will keep driving for many years and is sure to go down in history as one of the most memorable Chevys’ of all time.

Chevy Cameo

This is one that you don’t hear about all that often, but this rare truck boasted a powerful V-8 engine, had a comfortable interior and included a shorter bed and a roomier cab for travel. The Cameo debuted in 1955 and while only 5200 were manufactured in that initial year, this vehicle was a hit and has long been a popular vehicle to own.  If you enjoy traveling the car show circuits across the country, you’re bound to see a Cameo a few times each year.

Chevy Camaro

When you’re making a list of memorable Chevys’, you just can’t leave off the Chevy Camaro. This car has long been a favorite of Chevy lovers of all ages and it is one of those cars that will always be memorable as well as popular to own. The first ever Camaro was sold on September 29, 1966 and was in direct competition with the Ford Mustang. Since the beginning, new Camaro’s have survived one generation after another and they’re still going strong today. The Camaro has been a pace car in the Indianapolis 500 and has been a pace car at Daytona and other NASCAR tracks and was used in the NASCAR Nationwide Series and other NASCAR racing events. When the Camaro was first produced, sales soared to just over 220,000 in the first year. While sales have declined a little over the years most likely due to people trying to go green or save a little on fuel, the Camaro is still one of the most memorable cars ever made by Chevy and is a car that many still dream of owning today.

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