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Different Types Of Car Audio Systems

by Rae Castillon

You have a car and you want to listen to music while you are driving around. Most people are happy with the speakers that come with the car. You are not those people and you want to have an experience that brings joy to your ears while you are on the road.

Before you go ahead with having someone do a car audio installation, you should know what types of systems you have to choose from. It’s important to get the maximum listening experience, right? Read on to learn more.


This means that there are different parts that can be put in various areas of your car to achieve sounds, but they require a separate driver for each one, rather than have everything hooked up through a single driver. The parts include:

  • Tweeter – Do you like music with a lot of high-frequency sounds, like bells, cymbals and whistles? You need this.
  • Super Tweeter – This takes high frequency sounds to another level.
  • Mid-range – This handles both high and low frequency sounds… meeting in the middle.
  • Woofer – Are you into music that has a lot of low frequency sounds that have a lot of bass? A woofer is excellent to get the best out of that.
  • Subwoofer – Do you like electronic music, specifically Drum N Bass or other drum-heavy songs? This will have you feeling it in your chest.

Full Range (Coaxial) Speakers

These are much more common than component speakers. They consist of a Tweeter and a Woofer and there is one unifying driver. The sounds will come from one place whereas the component speakers will be directing speakers from various parts of the car.

Other Things To Consider

You need to think about your budget. Yes, component systems tend to have better sound quality, they are also often more expensive than a coaxial one. They also require more expertise to install than coaxial ones – which makes sense since the parts go into many different locations in the car. They also need a crossover, which splits the frequency into two parts.

Free range ones may be more inexpensive, but if you do your homework, you can find ones that sound almost as good as the component ones. It all depends on how discerning you are about sound and how much you can afford to pay.

Ultimately, you want to be happy with what you choose. Then it can just be you and your music as you drive along the road.

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