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How To Choose And Use The Car Ramps: Tips For Motorists

by Rae Castillon

Car ramps make loading and unloading of cars, bicycles, wheelchairs, and other mobile, heavy objects much easier. In everyday life, a car ramp can, therefore, be helpful in many situations. It is extremely easy to load trailers with a ramp. In the following guide, we will tell you about other advantages a drive-on ramp offers and what you should pay attention to when buying one. Not every ramp always delivers what it promises. Therefore some things should be considered when buying.

What Advantages Do Drive-On Car Ramps Offer?

A car ramp offers numerous advantages. Above all, because of their flexible applicability, drive-on ramps are particularly popular and are used in workshops, at car dealerships, but also in the private sector. They are extremely resilient and are also relatively inexpensive to purchase, making them a cheap alternative to a car lifts.

Vehicle ramps serve as an ideal transition bridge from one step to the next. This enables you to drive without interruption. They are often also referred to as loading ramps, ramp rails, or loading aids. As soon as you have to put a heavy object on a transporter, you will appreciate the ramp. With a car access ramp, you will also never have to worry about getting a car or two-wheeler onto a trailer again. Wheelchair users also benefit from an access ramp. This enables the wheelchair user to get safely into a vehicle.

Even if you have to check the underbody of your vehicle for rust or other damage, a car ramp is a good solution. To facilitate various repairs to the vehicle, many ramps are therefore height-adjustable. This means that the classic jack is a thing of the past.

Most drive-on ramps are made of steel or aluminum. If you want a ramp for cars, we recommend you take one made of steel, as these are more resilient. An aluminum drive-on ramp, on the other hand, is convincing due to its lower dead weight. Also, ramps made of wood are not uncommon.

If you are looking for an inexpensive variant, a drive-on ramp made of plastic is a good choice. If you are interested in considering the best ramps for cars, be sure to read this auto ramps guide, which explains all the pros and cons of the best ramps available on the market today.

Different Designs

There are also car ramps in various designs and sizes. So before you buy a car ramp, you should first think about what purpose you need it for and what types of ramps are actually available.

Loading rails are stable solutions with which you can optimally load a trailer or van. When it comes to loading vehicles onto a trailer, durable steel ramps are an excellent choice. These are above all transportable. Ramps for cars can also be a good alternative to a lifting platform. This allows you to check the underbody of the vehicle for damage and repair it if necessary. If the ramps are equipped with wheels or castors, they can be easily transported from A to B, making them very flexible.

There are also ramps, which are equipped with a special rubber runner. This variant is ideal for tracked vehicles. There are also so-called heavy-duty ramps, which are used for enormous loads and are particularly resilient.

As you can see, drive-on rails are not only a great help in making work more manageable, but they are also very versatile and can be used flexibly. This makes them a great everyday helper in every workshop, but also every household.

What You Should Pay Attention To When Buying

To ensure that you enjoy your car ramp to the fullest, you should pay attention to the following features when purchasing:

  • Ascent angle

The ramp should not be too steep when driving up. Especially with a motorcycle ramp or a ramp for cars, problems can quickly arise when loading onto the trailer. Therefore, the pitch angle should not be much more than 17 degrees during installation.

  • Stability

When buying a ramp, you should make sure that it has clean welding seams. You can often see the stability by the quality of these seams. The seam should, therefore, be even and without holes or unevenness. The cross braces should also be cleanly welded. Even if you build a drive-on ramp yourself, you should make sure that it is clean. Ramps made of steel are usually more loadable than ramps made of plastic, wood, or aluminum. If you are looking for a heavy-duty ramp, it should be made of steel. For smaller and medium-heavy loads, on the other hand, you can easily use plastic, aluminum, or wooden ramps. Do-it-yourself construction is also possible, with a little manual skill.

  • Car ramps with hydraulics

Car rails with hydraulic function offer an enormous simplification of work. However, these should be equipped with an additional safety bolt. Hydraulic ramps are ideal for heavy loads.

  • Height adjustable

If you want to carry out repairs on your vehicle or inspect the underbody, you should make sure that the car ramp is height-adjustable. This makes it a good alternative to a lifting platform.

  • Additional safeguards

Regardless of whether it is an aluminum or steel ramp – you are on the safe side if you always secure your ramp against slipping away with wheel chocks or rubber mats.

Where Can You Get A Ramp?

There are several ways to get a ramp. If you are looking for a ramp for permanent use, it is, of course, easiest if you order it online on the Internet. If you are not yet sure and need advice, you can, of course, also contact the specialist trade.

If you do not need the ramp regularly or you do not even have the right trailer, there is, of course, also the possibility to rent or buy a car trailer with an access ramp. With a little skill, you can also build a ramp yourself for the car.

Where Is A Ramp Used?

Ramps are very versatile. These are primarily intended to transport heavy loads over an obstacle. However, a distinction is made as to what is to be transported.

As the name suggests, a motorcycle ramp is used to ramp up motorcycles. Since a motorcycle is a two-wheeler, a ramp for a motorcycle only requires one ramp, whereas a ramp for a car needs two.

There is also the trailer ramp, which allows you to put heavy loads on a trailer. It is ideal if this ramp is foldable.

Drive-on rails can, therefore, be used in many different ways.


A car ramp makes work much easier. Whether it is a ramp made of aluminum, wood, or plastic always depends on personal needs and intended use. No matter what you choose – it is important that safety and clean processing always come first.

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