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How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code?

by Samuel Gitukui
How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code

You can open and close doors much more easily if your Ford vehicle has keyless entry, you are well aware of how useful it can be. That said, trying to get into your automobile might be frustrating if you forget the door code. This is why it is important to learn how to reset Ford door code without factory code.

You may reset the door code on your Ford without having the factory code by following the instructions in this post.

Search online for a factory code generator that will assist you with resetting the Ford door lock code without the factory key.

Press the first and second buttons on your remote, then key in the new code you’ve decided to use moving forward. If you hit buttons both one and two, the doors should be able to unlock and lock by themselves.

So, read on to find out exactly how to reset Ford door code without factory code.

Ford Keyless Entry Code Hack

Unlocking a car door without a key is possible with the help of a keyless entry code. Moreover, the code, which is normally four digits long, is typed on the door’s keypad.

There are typically two ways to use keyless codes. Firstly if you are having issues with the key fob, the first step is unlocking the door. Secondly is through substituting the code in favor of a key if you don’t have one.

Security and convenience are the main benefits of utilizing a code instead of a key. Moreover, you can still enter your automobile even if you misplace your keys.

In addition, unless they know the code, anyone attempting to break into your automobile will be unsuccessful.

How The Ford Keyless Entry Works

A keypad that is on the door is used by the door keyless system for entering the code. That said, the keypad’s buttons must be pressed in a precise order to put in the code.

Depending on the specific Ford model, buttons will be arranged differently.

Reset Ford Keyless Entry Code Advantages

The following are some advantages of why you may need to reset your Ford keyless entry code:

  • Lock your car’s doors.
  • Unlock your car’s doors.
  • Recall where you sat.
  • Unlocking the trunk.
  • Personalizing the key fob.
  • Delete your access code.

Resetting is possible for your keyless entry without knowing your factory code. It is a good idea therefore to learn how to reset Ford door code without factory code.

A factory code is not required to reset some automobiles. Some examples of these are Fusion, Kuga, Focus, Puma, Fiesta, and Connect. There are a couple of procedures to follow:

  1. Getting factory codes using an online generator
  2. You should press the first as well as the second buttons. Then, pause for a short while after each button press.
  3. Please input the new unique code you will use going forward.
  4. Repeat pressing the first as well as the second buttons. This time, there is a five-second delay between each.
  5. The doors should be able to unlock and lock by themselves. This ought to be automated with the doors.

You might need to change the Ford door’s code for a few reasons.

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code, Scenario #1 – Forgetting The Code

The most frequent explanation is forgetting the code. It is simple to forget the code if you do not use it frequently.

Keyless Entry Code Hack

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code, Scenario #2 – If Another Person Is Using Your Vehicle

If someone other than you has to drive your car and they don’t know the code. Here you may also need to do a reset of the code.

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code, Scenario #3 – Keypad Malfunctions

You might need to reset the keypad if it is not operating properly. There are many potential causes for this, including a wiring issue or if the battery is dead.

Ford Key Code Lookup

In this world, there are two categories of people: those who misplace their keys and those who leave their keys in their vehicles.

You will have car lockouts at some point in your life, no matter the type of person that you are. Even Ford owners who use keyless entry codes will be able to attest to this.

Furthermore, if you frequently lose your car keys, those keyless entry codes will be a lifesaver. However, if you don’t utilize that system frequently, enter codes can also be easily forgotten.

However, did you know that if you drive a Ford, your Ford keyless entry code may be obtained from the VIN?

Ford Keyless Entry Code By VIN Number

The keyless entry pad on the driver’s side door is undoubtedly familiar to you if you drive a Ford Explorer or a Mercury Mountaineer. (It’s the numeric keypad with five buttons.)

The factory usually assigns the car a five-digit default factory code, which the owner can reset as opposed to learning how to reset Ford door code without factory code. The code sequence can be customized by the owner for extra protection and to serve as a reminder in case of a serious situation.

If you forget your code, however, and lock yourself out of the vehicle, that keyless keypad will be useless.

Frequently, when a secondhand car is sold, the code is not provided to the buyer. The default code is always an option, but it won’t help you if you forget it or don’t have it written down.

There are a few techniques that work for locating the keyless entry code in the case that you are locked out of your automobile and forget your code:

Call Your Local Ford Dealer

You can call your neighborhood Ford dealer or repair shop if your manufacturer code cannot be located.

If you take this course of action, it can be expensive because the expert or technician will need to connect the car to a computer and view the diagnostics.

Having learnt how to reset Ford door code without factory code, this is technically the only way to reset your Ford keyless system. Sure, for security reasons, you’ll have to present evidence of ownership.

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code – Where To Find Your VIN

A VIN comes with every car. Every motor vehicle in production gets a different code for identification.

Your VIN consists of a single line, without any spaces, containing 17 letters and numbers. To prevent any misunderstanding with the digits one and zero, they also leave out the letters Q, O, and I.

The VIN’s components each provide precise details about your car.

This information contains the vehicle’s make, model, year, factory of manufacture, and serial number.

The most typical places where you can find a vehicle’s VIN include:

  • Inside the engine (on the front of the engine block)
  • Interior dash on the driver’s side
  • Frame’s front part (more common on older cars)
  • Door pillar on the driver’s side

Finding The VIN

Keyless Entry Code By Vin

The most typical area to search is the front of the dash on the driver’s side. When outside the vehicle, all you have to do is peer through the windshield.

Examining your insurance card, registration, or vehicle title will also reveal the VIN. However, since nobody can change it, the VIN on your car is constant and unique to you.

A mechanic can acquire the factory key code and create new keys for your vehicle by decoding your VIN to obtain the manufacturer’s number.

Online you can find a VIN decoder if you’re attempting to decipher your VIN on your own. Each digit of these numbers, which are often read from left to right, will provide you with specific information.

  • Digit 1: The manufacturer’s location
  • Digits 2 and 3: The manufacturer
  • Numbers 4 through 8: The size and type of the car’s engine
  • Number 9: The maker security code
  • Digit 10: The vehicle’s model and year
  • 11: The production facility
  • 12 through 17 digits: The serial number

Of course, depending on the type of vehicle, each digit has a different meaning.

Reset Ford Door Code

Typically, the keypad is normally close to the driver’s window. Whenever you press the keypad it will light up enabling you to quickly and simply enter the right combination code.

Remember to not type the code quickly otherwise the system may reject it. In this case, just re-enter the code.

A keyless entry system in a Ford will do the following tasks:

1. Open Or Close The Doors

You can close or even open your Ford doors with the use of the keyless entry code. Moreover, you might need to input the code several times if the car has many doors, like a trunk.

Simply press the Lock key for closing the door. After this, the door then locks and sounds like it’s beeping.

2. Remembers Positions Of Seats And Side Mirrors

You may also save the positions of your seat and side mirrors with this technology. When you sit inside the vehicle, just input the code, and then the seats move to the position you like.

Side mirrors also change to the settings you previously saved.

Enter the code, make the appropriate alterations, and then adjust your side mirrors or seats.

3. Adjusts The Car Alarm Settings

Reset Ford Door Code

In case your car features an alarm, you can disable it or activate it using a keyless entry code. Simply hit the Unlock or Lock key on the keypad to accomplish this.

A beep will indicate whether the car is locked or unlocked. The alarm will then activate if the automobile is locked. It will deactivate if the automobile is not locked.

4. Let’s You To Close Or Open The Trunk

You can open and close the trunk with the keyless entry code as well. Simply hit the keypad’s Trunk button to accomplish this. Then, the trunk will either open or shut.

5. Creates Unique Entry Codes For You

Other than learning how to reset Ford door code without factory code, you can program your unique codes in addition to the factory code. If you want to give someone else access to your automobile without providing them with the factory code, this can be beneficial.

The manufacturer installed an original wallet card inside the glove box that contains a five-digit code that was generated when the device was first designed.

You do have an alternative to memorizing and writing down the code, though, if you don’t have a new vehicle. You can program up to eight brand-new four-digit codes on your own.

How To Reset Ford Door Code Without Factory Code – Ford Door Code

Create your own, simple-to-remember five-digit Keyless Entry code. You can make five unique entry codes.

Note: The first Keyless Entry code is needed. It is written on the wallet card of the owner, which is kept inside the glove box, or by using one of the approaches described above.

To generate a unique Keyless Entry code for you:

  1. Type in the factory-set five-digit code.
  2. Within five seconds, press the keypad buttons 1 and 2.
  3. Type in your unique five-digit code. You must enter each number within five seconds of the previous one.
  4. To store personal code 1, press 1 and 2. To verify that you have successfully programmed a personal access code, the doors will lock and unlock.

To set up more unique Keyless Entry codes:

  1. Type in the factory five-digit code.
  2. Within five seconds, press the keypad buttons 1 and 2.
  3. Type in your unique code. Every number should be input in five seconds of the previous one.
  4. To save your code, press 3 and 4.
  5. To store personal code 3, press 5 and 6.
  6. To save personal code 4, press 7 and 8.
  7. To save personal code 5, press 9 and 0.

Ford Keyless Entry Code Retrieval

It may be practical to use the Keyless Entry system on a Ford. It may be challenging to enter your car while not breaking it, though, in case you forget the personal code.

You can obtain the five-digit factory code in a few low-cost and simple ways without the need for tools or vehicle knowledge.

You will require the factory code to get a new personal code, whether you just refer to the owner’s manual or look for the RAP or Remote Anti-Theft Personality Module.

Things to be aware of:

  • Locate the factory code in the car owner’s manual then input it into the keypad after turning on the ignition.
  • To program a code, use the MyFord Touch system. Simply press both the Vehicle and Menu buttons, choose Keypad Code, and then type in a new code.
  • Locate the RAP Module in your car, and search for a label bearing the five-digit code on it.

1. Utilizing The Owner’s Guide

The car owner’s guide will help you get your Ford keyless factory code.

  • To find the factory code – A Ford will come with an owner’s manual and a manufacturer code, regardless of whether you are the vehicle’s owner or it is a second-hand car. An owner should modify the factory code that has five digits, as advised. This is assuming you’ve stored the code somewhere secure.
  • If you haven’t moved the owner’s wallet card, find the code inside the glove section. This will comprise the five numbers which you need and will precede a letter, on a white label inside the passenger-side fuse box for the years 2011 to 2018.
  • Input factory code – Ensure first that you lock the trunk and all other car doors. The factory code is 5 digits long.
  • Activate the first two digits – Press 1 through 2 on the keypad once you have typed in the code. To activate the vehicle’s keypad, press the two digits in five seconds each other. Once you enter the proper factory code, the car doors will unlock and lock.
  • Type in your fresh code – Enter the new five-digit code in a span of five seconds after getting the unlock or lock signal. You must enter each subsequent in five seconds. If your vehicle has a memory recall system, pushing the 1 / 2 and 3 / 4 buttons will save the settings for Driver 1 and Driver 2, respectively.
  • Attend the confirmation – Allow time for the car doors to unlock and then lock after you put in your entry code to ensure that your new code is now set.

2. Utilizing MyFord Touch System

Another way to retrieve the Ford keyless entry factory code using the MyFord Touch System. This is assuming that your vehicle has this feature.

Ford Keyless Code Retrieval

  • Step inside your car – You can program the keyless code with the screen in your car’s MyFord Touch system. Therefore, before programming, ensure you’ve shit all car doors.
  • Press the Menu key – To start programming the new code, click the menu key that is on top of the Home Screen of your car.
  • Select Vehicle from the menu – Locate and select Vehicle from the menu’s left side. A new window will open.
  • Choose a keypad code – To choose a keypad code, you can do this via the option of vehicle list. You can find your vehicle’s factory code in the owner’s manual.
  • Type in the new unique key code – Having entered the code, allow time to get the prompt then enter a new, personal key code. You can access your vehicle using your new code and not the factory code.

3. Using The Owner’s Manual

You can also retrieve the Ford keyless factory code with the help of the car owner’s manual. Let’s find out how.

  • Identify the location of the factory code – By connecting your car to a computer, Ford dealers will give you a factory code. This method of getting the code could be very expensive. Moreover, if you misplace your owner’s manual or forget your Keyless Entry code, you should be aware that the RAP Module contains the factory code that is on the label. The Remote Anti-Theft Personality Module is hidden behind a detachable panel in the rear of your car on the left side.
  • Find the panel that covers the RAP, and remove it –  Do this with the help of a flashlight, then remove the panel by counterclockwise turning the two thumb screws. Find the label that has the factory code by shining the flashlight on the RAP module.
  • Input factory code – Often Keypads light up after you make the first entry. For proper contact, press down on the center of the button.
  • After step 1 and in five seconds, press the half control – Before five seconds have passed after inputting the factory code, press the half control to program your new personalized code.
  • Type in your unique 5-digit admission code – Don’t wait more than four or five seconds between each new number. You can use the factory code in addition to the new code to unlock the car.

4. No Change Of Factory Code

There is no replacement of the factory code when a new code is set; rather, it is a replacement of the previous one. There is no having to deal with the hassle of trying to change the factory code, not to say that it is a difficult process as it is actually a simple process. That said, this is aside from figuring out how to reset Ford door code without factory code.

Without entering a new personal code, you can remove the code from a previous car owner and utilize the factory code.

After entering the factory code, simultaneously press the half button, 7/8 control, and 9/0 control. You should press each subsequent button in no more than five seconds. Following these procedures, the system only uses the factory-set code going forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Reset Ford Keyless Entry Without Factory Code

The factory-programmed five-digit entry code can be used to operate the keypad. The owner’s wallet card is located inside the glove box, and an authorized dealer can provide the code.

How To Get A Key Code From A VIN Number

By giving the manufacturer or dealer of the vehicle your VIN and asking for the key code, you can get the key code for that particular vehicle.

How To Start A Ford Explorer Without A Key

Using a flat-head screwdriver as leverage to start a Ford F-150 without a key is the simplest method. Simply insert the screwdriver’s flat head into the ignition and crank it like you would a regular key.

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