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How Well Do You Know Your Car Warning Lights?

by Rae Castillon

Warning lights appear and illuminate on your car’s dashboard when they detect a problem, but knowing what each light means can sometimes be difficult and lead to stress and panic. It is important to keep refreshing your knowledge of the highway code and vehicle handbook, to prevent serious problems and additional damage.

Each warning light will illuminate either red, amber or green/blue, this is to indicate the severity of the warning. If a red warning light appears, your vehicle requires immediate attention and this should not be ignored. Most modern cars are now equipped with sensors to monitor our car’s condition and also to improve our driving. When you start your ignition, if any of the warning lights stay on this indicates there is a problem which needs to be looked at. Therefore, to avoid further problems it’s important to understand what each light means.

A survey recently conducted by LeaseCar UK looks at whether respondents knew the meaning behind each warning light and also gives a description of the most important warnings.

Battery Charge Warning

It’s good to know 96% of respondents got this correct!
Make sure you go to a garage if this light appears as it can indicate a serious problem with your battery or driving belt.

Tyre Pressure Monitor Warning

63% guessed this correctly, although 16% thought it was a brake warning. This symbol senses if your tyre pressure is too low or if you have a puncture. You can check your tyre pressure yourself at most petrol stations.

Brake System Warning Light

40% of respondents got this correct! This symbol indicates your brake fluid level could be low. It’s important to go to a garage and get it checked by a professional.

Engine Warning

Surpringly 29% of respondents thought this meant low fluid oil! This warning light can indicate a serious problem with your engine. If this light appears, take your vehicle to a garage as soon as possible.

Engine Coolant Warning Light

It’s no surprise that 75% got this correct! If this light appears check your coolant levels and get your car looked at if you’re unsure, it could indicate your coolant level is overheating.

Interested in seeing how well you know your warning lights? You can take the quiz here! It’s important to update your knowledge of your handbook regularly as some lights may be unique to your vehicle.

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