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The Challenges Of Owning An Old School Car

by Rae Castillon

The old school car or classic as so many people call them today are loved and cherished by so many people, particularly because when you use them on the road or display them in your homes, they present a different outlook simply because it looks different from everything that is out on the streets. It also gives you a feel of the glory days of automotive manufacturing. With all the advantages, there are many drawbacks, some of which we need to look at here, as well as the solution.

Unavailability Of Old School Parts

For the new cars, the replacement of parts is not a big deal since all you need to do is head down to your local auto store and get one for yourself. For the old school car restoration and repairs, things might not be as simple as that since the production of these cars has ended decades ago.


To increase your chances of getting these parts, all you need to do is join a classic car club or any place where old school car parts are being auctioned to stand a chance of getting the parts you are looking for. Even for those who display these cars alone, this is important, specifically because every car is valuable only when it can start.

Highway Struggles

For classic cars from the 1960s upwards, you might not have a problem with moving on the highway, but for those driving vars from years before, you need to understand the car as well as where it can be driven.


If your classic car is far older than the era of the 1960s, the best thing for you to do is stay off the highways and search for locations and thoroughfares with low-speed limits to be safe.

Different Fuels

Many of the old cars used different fuels for the ones now, particularly the difference in octane ratings. The octane ratings in the fuels we use nowadays have lower octane ratings making them unfit for use in many of our old school cars.


You need to seek out a filing station that has a test station for specific cars. You might also need a filling station that sells fuels without ethanol because this also damages our old school cars. This might cost you more, but it would save you the stress of looking for ways to repair your old school cars.

Lack Of Knowledgeable Mechanics

Many of the mechanics we have today were trained based on the schematics of many of the new cars we have today, with only a few having the right amount of knowledge on the old models. This means that not only is it hard to get the parts but also hard to get a mechanic to fix them – what a drag. Well, we have a solution.


From the old school car clubs we highlighted earlier, you could also get good information on mechanics who can help you fix your cars and get it running in no time.

If you own an old school car, things might not be as hard as you feel it would be, with the right information such as this one, we can say you are in safe hands.

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