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Valeo Cooling For Trucks

by Rae Castillon

A truck’s cooling system is a crucial determinant of its performance. It is the part that ensures that the engine stays cool and does not fail from overheating. The cooling system is also essential for regulating the temperature of the engine, especially when it is working overtime under extreme weather conditions.

However, the cooling system doesn’t just keep the engine from overheating, it also stops it from freezing over during cold temperatures as well. So, it is important to note that before a Valeo cooling system can effectively perform all these functions for your truck, it needs to be properly maintained.

Poor maintenance of a truck’s cooling system could lead to higher fuel consumption and engine failure. Hence, to avoid this, here are a few maintenance habits you can adopt:

Ensure That The Radiator Cap Is Tightly Screwed On

The radiator cap is what helps to keep the right level of pressure in the radiator while the truck’s engine is running. It is very important to ensure that the cap stays properly screwed on at all times and is never taken off while the engine is on. This is because the pressure in the radiator could cause hot fluids to explode out of the radiator leading to some serious injuries and engine damage.

Ensure The Coolant Levels Stay Up

You need to check the truck’s radiator every day to ensure that the coolant stays at the right level. Ideally, the acceptable water to coolant ratio is 1:1. However, if you feel like you cannot perform the mix accurately on your own, you can decide to go for a premixed coolant which can be bought from most auto supply stores. This will allow your coolant system to withstand extreme temperatures and also ensure that it functions effectively under the harshest conditions.

Ensure That The Radiator Stays Clean

As a truck owner, you need to schedule regular maintenance periods for your truck. A part of this maintenance process should involve regular radiator cleaning. Continuous usage of the truck over a long period could lead to some unwanted particles getting into the radiator from time to time. This is why it is important to ensure that you remove these substances as often as possible during truck maintenance.

Consistent Flushing And Filling

A final maintenance practice that is crucial for a truck’s cooling system is the flushing and refilling of the cooling system itself. This will allow the trucks cooling system to function optimally all year round, and also prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust from damaging the entire cooling system.

As important as it is to maintain your European truck’s Valeo cooling system, it is equally as important to ensure that you are using the right products for your truck. The wrong product could just as easily affect the performance of your Valeo cooling system. So, when you need to replace certain parts of your cooling system, you should ensure that you contact the right auto shops for excellent aftermarket truck parts. These parts are likely to serve your truck for a long time and ensure that its performance stays optimal over its lifespan.

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