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Why A Road Trip Around Ireland Should Be Your Next Getaway

by Rae Castillon

The world is currently in a situation like no other. Countries are on lockdown and day to day life has been put on hold, because of the coronavirus outbreak. Many industries have been hugely impacted by the virus, including business, leisure and travel. Thousands of holidaymakers across the world had one or more holidays booked over the coming months, but unfortunately, if they haven’t already been cancelled, then it’s highly likely they will be.

We’re going through an uncertain period at the moment and no one is sure when everyday life will resume. Although this is the case and there’s no date as to when the travel industry can operate again, this doesn’t mean you can’t look ahead to the future and plan your next getaway for when this uncertain time ends.

If the current pandemic has left you feeling wary when it comes to travelling abroad, then why not look closer to home and explore the beautiful locations on offer in Ireland.  Packed with culture, pristine landscapes and the hustle and bustle of the tourist hotspots, Ireland is the perfect place for your next getaway and it can all be done by road.

Whether you’re Irish or not, you may not know where to start when it comes to the array of beautiful locations in Ireland. To make this a little bit easier for you, Chill Insurance asked 400 Irish people to vote for their favourite drives around the country, which feature some of the most idyllic locations on the island.. You can see the results of the vote by viewing Chill Insurance’s eBook, Ireland’s most beautiful drives. From Galway to Killarny, the eBook shares some of Irealnd’s most pristine locations, which need to be on your road trip bucket list.

Dingle Peninsula

This unforgettable drive was voted the best according to Chill’s vote, with 35% of the vote.. Breathtaking scenery is at the heart of this journey, as you travel along the Wild Atlantic Way. Never ending coastal views combined with the majestic mountain landscapes of Conor Pass, will allow you to explore some of Europe’s finest scenery. It’s important to not let the driving take up all of your journey, as there are a host of walking trails waiting to be enjoyed, as well offering the perfect photo opportunities.

Galway To Westport

The idyllic route from Galway to Westport took second place, with 17% of the vote. The drive is well known for its perfect sightseeing opportunities of the surrounding area. One of the standout parts of this trip is the quaint town of Clifden. Loved by tourists from across Ireland and afar, Clifden provides a warm atmosphere and allows you to take a break from driving along this popular route.

You can see more recommended drives in the eeBook, but here are just a few. One thing is for sure, Ireland has some of Europe’s most beautiful drivers which boast picturesque backdrops and peaceful coastal views, all of which are waiting to be explored.

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