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Why An Impact Wrench Is Best Gift For A Man

by Rae Castillon

My friend loves working on cars, he has restored cars in the past and says that he would love to do that again, but needs the proper tools to do the work. He has a birthday coming up in a few weeks, so there is no question of what to buy him as a birthday gift. He has all of the ties that he needs and will never wear. Lots of shirts from past birthdays and Christmases, and many odds and ends of gifts.

Men can be so hard to buy for it seems. The right impact wrench may cost me more than I usually spend for a birthday present, but it is an important purchase, and the impact wrench can be used for doing other jobs besides working on the cars.

The impact wrench is something he will not be expecting from me, so it will be a total surprise. First I will have to do some research to make sure that I buy the correct one. I may visit some of tools blog who would most likely be in the know about pneumatic impact wrenches that are good for working on autos.

I know that the pneumatic impact wrench is the most powerful one, and they are the ones that garages use for auto repair.

What Is An Impact Wrench?

I am not very good at doing things for myself around the house. I am always looking through my miscellany of tools to see what I can use to fix this or that. My screw drivers are usually scattered from the kitchen drawer to the garage.

Then someone mentioned the impact wrench that is so handy for many jobs big or little. I was not familiar with the impact wrench. So my friend explained that it is a very versatile power tool that fits in the hand like a drill or other portable tool, and can be used for tightening or loosening of bolts or screws, or any such fastener.

Sometimes things are bolted in the factory, especially things like car parts that take more strength than the human hand can manage. And sometimes relatively small bolts and screws can be rusted or corroded to the point that it takes a lot of power to loosen them in order to replace or repair parts.

Which is usually my problem with fixing things around the house, whether it is the lawnmower or the car. The impact wrench that is air powered or pneumatic is great for working on the car. The loud zip sound that you hear in an auto repair shop as they remove the bolts that hold tires on is the pneumatic impact wrench.

So, anyway I went shopping and bought the cordless impact wrench, and it makes life so much easier around my house, and the whole family uses it. My son uses it when he works on his bicycle, in a couple of years when he turns sixteen, he may be using it on his car.

Getting Things Done With The Impact Wrench

It seems like life would be impossible without an impact wrench. I know that people managed to get things done before the impact wrench, but they didn’t always have all the screws and gadgets that we have today.

When you own a home there is always something that needs to be fixed, and as we all know if you start working on something without having the correct tool, you can end up with a bigger problem than what you started with. I know that I have chewed up a few screw heads trying to use the wrong screw driver. That was before I owned an impact wrench. With the impact wrench I can pull the trigger and the screw or bolt is loose and I can get on with the repair job.

My neighbor is always working on his car and his friend’s cars, he just loves doing it as a hobby. But he says that he would not get much done without his impact wrench, which is a much stronger type than the one I use around the house. He has an air powered or pneumatic impact wrench which can handle the loosening of all those tough bolts that are used on the autos. He also uses it for changing tires.

I can also use my cordless for loosening the bolts when I need to change a tire in my own garage. The impact wrench is great for working on the lawnmower also, especially the older one with the bolts that are rusted and corroded.

The Handy Impact Wrench

My friend was telling me about the impact wrench and how great it is to use around the house, when you need more power than your hand and a small manual tool like a screw driver or wire pliers type of tool. So, I went shopping and boy was I confused. There are so many different types of impact wrenches to choose from. But as I talked to the salesman in the hardware department, I found that for my use a small battery powered impact wrench would work.

You can buy the pneumatic impact wrench which is an air powered tool that is used with a compressor, this is the most powerful type of impact wrench and is used for the toughest jobs such as working on cars. Although you can buy it in different sizes, for less strenuous purposes.

I also looked at the cordless with the rechargeable battery which would also worked for me. Then there was the manual impact wrench, which is sometimes used with a hammer assistance, but that type of impact wrench didn’t appeal to me. It was too much like what I had been doing. I think it was the word “manual” that put me off. If I was going to buy an automatic tool, I wanted it to do the work. But for guys with strong hands and lots of know how, it would be a great tool, and inexpensive too.
Now that I have my handy little Impact Wrench, I find myself looking around for things to fix just so I can use it.

The Impact Wrench

Living alone, life would be almost impossible, without my impact wrench. I like doing things for myself, and over the years I have become quite adept at fixing things. Not that I am an expert, but there are many things around the house that I can fix myself and save money by doing so. Service calls by a repair man are very expensive, and when you have a home that is several years old, there are more things each year that need to be attended to. And you can’t rely on the neighbors to help you all of the time, though they have helped me many times.

I have learned to tune up my lawnmower by myself each spring, and rather than take the cutting blades in each year to have them sharpened, I have learned that it is more cost effective to replace them myself. That saves me taking the blades into the shop each time, then having to go back and pick them up. But, there was one year when I could not remove the old blades, as the bolt had corroded too much for me to loosen.

At that time, I did not know about the impact wrench. So what do I do? I loaded up the lawnmower into the trunk of the car and hauled it to the shop, where they promptly used an impact wrench to loosen the bolt.

That was when I went shopping for an impact wrench of my own. I have used this great tool on many occasions, and it has really simplified my life. My neighbor has even been over to borrow it a few times to use for himself.

Finally, I decided to buy a pneumatic impact wrench for my friend that will be handier tools for him. As a car owner I think he must be surprise.

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