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About Us

by Rae Castillon

Car Part News takes a focus around all things automotive but does have an expressed interest in car parts, as these are the things at make up the car as a whole.

We have tested a range of different car parts and compare a mixed of products and services.

Our Readers

Our typical readership is aged between 30-55 and situated in the USA. But we have readers from all over the world. Our readers are doing research on what car to buy and want to know all about the lastest car news.

We cover everything from motorbikes to SUVs. We have driven most things and enjoying anything we wheels.

Note From The Editor ‘ Paul’

Paul the editor loves to talk to the community and key people within the car industry. Drop us a line if you are interested in anything particular and we might be able to help build a storey around something that interests you. Thanks, Paul.

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