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The Mad Kitten: Jaguar XE

by John Matthews

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you might be spared for not knowing about Jaguar’s latest creation, the Jaguar XE. Known as the ‘Baby Jag’, its arrival will almost certainly worry the BMW 3 Series, the Audi A4 and the Mercedes-Benz C Class, as they’re all in the same category: compact luxury saloon.


However, little would you know that this lil’ Jag will be one of the most crucial creations Jaguar will make. It plays such a pivotal role that it’s no joke. In fact, I’ll rate it pretty high up as a saviour for Jaguar. ‘Why is it so?’, you ask, read on and it shall become apparent.

Packed with equipment

Before we get to into the details, a little introduction to the car incase you’ve never heard of it. The XE is an entry level Jaguar that is filled to the brim with Jaguar’s latest tech, some of the notable ones include a completely new aluminium architecture and newly designed gearbox. Other than that, there are multiple trim levels available, starting from the base spec SE, with the 2-litre four cylinder engine, all the way up to the S spec, fitted with the growling supercharged 3-litre V6. A 2 litre diesel option is available as well, with varying prices depending on the trim level and power output.

Infamous design philosophy

One thing to note for the Jag, in contrast to the BMW, Audi and Merc, is that the Jaguar looks much more aggressive. As it’s designed with the original Jaguar design language, the car is supposed to look like a sports saloon, with the long swooping bonnet and bold front grill, it’s apparent as well. This car is no slouch, and it means business. No one can quite grasp the concept of a classy yet mean looking car as well as Jaguar do.

Premium cabin

Jaguar have said that they’ve spent a considerable amount of effort on the hip positioning in the car, and the interior is designed to be back-friendly, being easily accessible unlike most sporty cars, and it’s a pretty special place to be, the seats hug you tight and the dash gives a posh feel. It’s definitely somewhere nice to be sat.

Its role

So, why is it so important? One, it created over 3,000 jobs for the people living in the UK, and it’s projected to massively boost Jaguar’s sale. That means, Jaguar can get more money, and then in turn design and make more cars that look like the F-Type Coupe! Not only that, they can also keep manufacturing engines like the brilliant supercharged V8 found in the F-Type, awesome! ‘Tis a more important car than you may first think then. What are you thoughts on the XE, readers?


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