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Best Spray In Bedliner – Protect Your Truck With The Top Picks

by Kelvin Yates

Many truck owners are very much averse to participating or learning anything about Bedliner spray, and truth be told, that’s a real shame. Investing in the best spray in Bedliner is considered an indisputable way to not only protect your truck bed from damage but also restore years of usefulness to your truck’s life.

You may not realize it, but every time you use your truck to haul equipment, whether for commercial use or simply helping a friend move furniture, your truck bed is put to the test. Over time, dents and scratches turn into mammoth issues, and overexposure to the harsh elements can result in peeling, rust, or cracking.

Before you know it, your vehicle’s value would have depreciated even more!

This is where protective options like a spray-in Bedliner come in. If you are searching for a way to protect your truck bed, read on for our unbiased review of the best spray in Bedliner to do just that.

But first… let’s discuss a few things regarding the spray-in Bedliner, including what it is, different types, and whether it’ll offer you value in the long run.

What Is A Spray In Bedliner?

A spray-on Bedliner, also known as spray in, is a type of truck Bedliner used to protect the truck bed from incurring damages when hauling cargo. Most of them help create a skid-free surface on your truck to ensure cargo stays at one position.

It also shields your truck’s bed from harsh weather elements like dirt, water, UV rays, etc. They act as a modernized form of traditional drop-in liners. Instead of simply dropping a fungible liner on your truck, a spray in Bedliner lets you install a long-lasting and permanent solution for truck bed protection.

Unlike outdated liners, the modern-day spray in Bedliner is professionally installed and usually contours your truck bed’s shape. Therefore, they hardly interfere with your truck bed style and appearance. Application is done by an installer using a spray gun. If you apply the DIY spray-on Bedliner to the truck’s smooth surface, the application will not adhere properly.

Best spray in bedliner

Spray-in bed liners are typically made from aliphatic or aromatic spray formula, but there are different brands available on the market today.

Types Of Spray In Bedliner


Most types of spray-in bed liners are similar except for one major difference: quality. Aliphatic spray in bed liners has a higher quality than other Bedliner types. This is mainly because of the pigmentation encompassed in the spray formula. This pigmentation does an excellent job of safeguarding harmful UV rays that are common when a truck is out in the open.

Sunlight can diminish the bedliner’s color as well as reduce its protective properties over time if left exposed. This type of Bedliner is durable, upholding the longevity and durability of the layer.


Unfortunately, prolonged durability and protection lead to a higher price tag. Hence the reason why most people on a budget opt for aromatic Bedliners instead. Unlike aliphatic varieties, aromatic Bedliners lack quality pigmentation. They, however, still come with a decent lifespan at a lower cost. Eventually, if you don’t intend to keep your truck for a longer period, aromatic options may be the better choice to save you money in the long run.

Best Spray In Bedliner Choices

With so many options out there, which ones are the best and will ensure what they promise? We took out the presumption by reviewing the top names in the industry, so you can protect your Bedliner with confidence.

The basic fact, however, is that not all spray-in Bedliners are formed equal. Each has its own drawbacks and advantages, and what might be an ideal choice for someone might totally conflict with someone else’s needs.

With that said, here are the best spray in Bedliner options available in the market today.

1) U-Pol Raptor Truck Bedliner

U-Pol Raptor Truck Bedliner is arguably one of the best spray in Bedliner available in the market today. This liner is as rigid as it comes. It can stand up against extreme weather elements. Neither sleet, rain, nor snow can affect this liner’s protective ability. This means that your truck bed will always be protected against dents and scratches, no matter what. Besides, it also dampens road-noise, so you can listen to your music or ride peacefully and quietly without any disturbance.

While you may have to pay more for this option, the U-Pol Raptor comes with a high-quality product. It also includes a hardener and a spray gun that makes application a breeze. You can also choose to apply the liner using a roller or brush, depending on the final texture you hope to accomplish.

Once you’re done spraying the U-Pol Raptor Bedliner, you don’t have to do anything else. It dries fast, and you don’t have to wax after application.

Unlike other Bedliner kits, this option doubles up with protective coats necessary to provide a high-quality layer onto your truck’s bed surface. It’s also easy to mix and apply on the truck bed.

2) Custom Coat Black Urethane Bedliner

The Custom Coat Black Urethane Bedliner is regarded as the best spray in Bedliner for self-application. It comes with a coat hardener, black liner base, and a spray gun to easily apply the liner.

What sets this liner apart from other liners is its detailed and straightforward instructions. Hence the reason why it’s an ideal choice for beginners. Likewise, you can use either a roller, brush, or spray gun to apply the liner. It’s easy to use and comes with ample material to cover any size truck bed. Meaning that even after applying it to a surface, you’ll still have plenty of leftovers, which you can use for reapplying or other future purposes.

Once this formula is applied, the exterior is protected from dents or any scratch marks. Not even UV rays nor high temperatures can affect it.

3) Herculiner Brush-On Bedliner Kit

Whether you lack an air compressor or simply want a thicker finish, brush-on bed liners are an ideal option to offer maximum extra protection to your truck. This roll-on Herculiner Brush-On Bedliner Kit comes with everything you’ll need, including an application brush, 1 gallon of protective black liner, and two rollers.

According to the manufacturer, the Herculiner Bedliner is made from tough, textured polyurethane formula that’s about five times thicker than most liners in the competition. If applied properly, the surface won’t peel or flake either. Besides, this liner is known to provide a nice shiny finish. Therefore, you don’t have to settle for a shabby bed liner.

Application is also easy, provided that you allow for a decent amount of time for the liner to dry and set into the truck bed fully. Herculiner comes in two color options- gray and black. They also include two sizing options, one gallon and one quart. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new application or a touch-up, Heculiner got you covered.

The biggest downside, however, is that this Bedliner takes a longer time to cure, and you’ll probably have to apply multiple coats.

4) Linerxtreeme Spray In Bedliner Kit

While many kits come with only a single gallon of Bedliner at a time, the Linerxtreeme Spray In Bedliner Kit comes with a 3-gallon package. This is more than enough to cover up to 100 square feet of your truck’s space.

While this spray in Bedliner might cost you slightly more, the price per gallon is among the lowest. Application is also relatively easy and quick as the manufacturer provides a free spray gun coupled with precise and easy-to-use instructions. Linerxtreeme is a durable, long-lasting Bedliner that gives you extra peace of mind and protection.

As for quality, you can bank on the brand’s thousands of repeated customers, as well as 20 years in business.

5) Rust-Oleum Automotive Spray-On Truck Bed Coating

Many notable brands flash across the mind when we contemplate the best spray in Bedliner. The Rust-Oleum Automotive Spray-On Truck Bed Coating is specially formulated to coat a whole truck bed evenly compared to other products.

Rust-Oleum’s Automotive Bedliner coating will protect your truck bed’s surface from rust and other weather-related elements your truck may experience. This bedliner forms a protective layer/cover to achieve this. It also has a comfort tip for you to spray at such an angle that you get all the fissures in the material.

Drying takes a few days, so you’ll want to ensure you don’t have to use your truck after application. Users also reported powerful smells on application and shortly after. We, therefore, suggest using some sort of respirator while applying it.

6) AI’s Liner Spray In Bedliner Kit

Are you looking for the best spray in Bedliner to live up to your expectations? Here comes AI’s Liner Spray In Bedliner Kit with premium grade quality and ideal thickness any truck owner would prefer.

Its acrylic/urethane component offers a smooth finish that lasts for a long time. You can use this product for any project that pops into your mind. From painting the bed of your truck to a light post, AI’s perfectly fits all!

This product is fit for multi-purpose use due to its compatibility with any type of surface, be it fiberglass, metal, or wood. It will always protect the surface from damage or rust. And to make the solution even more powerful, it features an adhesion promoter inside the package.

We also like the fact that AI’s spray in Bedliner uses a batch mix system. This means you don’t have to use the whole can in a single shot. You can mix a few small batches if you are touching up previous Bedliners spray, or you could use the entire can if need be.

Generally, you can keep some leftovers for when you want to touch up later on. The kit comes with everything you will ever need to coat an entire bed and provides a stunning texture and finish.

One major downside often reported is that you can’t change the color of the mix less you provide a different pigment to it. If that’s something you are looking for, you will have to get the ingredients on your own.

All in all, AI’s Liner is affordable and simply gets the job done the right way!

Benefits Of Applying The Best Spray In Bedliner For Your Truck

If you are a truck owner, you’ll want to invest in a Bedliner to protect your bed’s surface against scuffs and scratches. Below are the benefits of buying a spray on Bedliner for your truck.

Offers Protection Against Elements

A spray on Bedliner entirely coats a truck bed surface and creates a water and airtight seal. This will protect your bed from dirt, moisture, UV rays, heat, and anything else that would damage the bed’s surface.

Since it sprays on, you don’t have to go through the distress of measuring the bed’s dimension to find the perfect fit. Although some truck owners would prefer carpeting or other Bedliners, they don’t entirely protect truck beds against elements. Dirt and water may still penetrate beneath them, causing corrosion and damage.

Maintains The Truck’s Worth

Spray on Bedliners can cost you a few extra bucks depending on the liner brand you choose and your truck bed’s size. This additional investment, however, may help maintain your truck’s resale value.

As you know, any type of damage will depreciate your truck’s value. A spray on Bedliner that properly coats your bed’s surface decreases the chances of damage and scratches. It also helps protect a truck from rust.

Even if you like trading your truck for a newer model every few years, a spray-on Bedliner adds a protection layer and makes sure you get a high resale value on your truck.

Creates A Safer Surface

If you own a truck, chances are you’ll be hauling things now and then. And in the process, you’ll be standing in your truck’s bed while offloading and loading cargo.

A spray on Bedliner offers great friction in your truck bed, so you don’t have to worry about falls and slips. Usually, you can choose from several textures with spray-on liners to make sure you get one with a safer surface.

A spray on Bedliner also offers a better grip for transporting both delicate and oversized goods. It prevents them from shifting around, reducing the chances of the goods getting damaged.

Cuts Road Noise

A typical drop-in Bedliner may become loose and vibrate, producing road noise that can somewhat be annoying, especially while driving a pick-up truck. Spray-in Bedliner, on the other hand, forms a tight seal that won’t loosen. Gradually, they may create a much pleasant driving experience.

They can as well absorb road noise and other external distractions when transporting goods.

How To Use The Best Spray In Bedliner

If this is your first time using a spray in Bedliner, we feel obligated to give you some tips and instructions on applying it effectively. Follow these steps when applying the liner for a great outcome.

Step 1: Preparation

Take a keen look at your truck’s bed. Most probably, it’s filled with debris and dirt from being on the road for a long time.

First, you’ll need to wash it thoroughly to get rid of all the grimes. You may either use a wash soap or any other suitable solution for this purpose. Afterward, allow it some time to dry completely.

Scrape the surface well using sandpaper for the Bedliner to stick perfectly. Clean out excess dirt after you’re completely stripped the paint off. Next, mask the areas you don’t want to apply spray-on using a painter’s tape. We would suggest covering the part near the tailgate at this juncture.

Step 2: Protection

Before commencing the application process, you’ll want to get yourself prepared. This is just a precaution since the solution contains chemical ingredients.

Make sure to wear a protective suit to keep your skin off the harmful chemicals. Protect your eyes from it using safety glass. And most notably, don’t forget to put on gloves while in operation.

Step 3: Coat The Surface

Prior to spraying the entire surface entirely, test a small amount to examine if it meets your expectations. Afterward, read the product’s instructions manual carefully to understand each step.

Other products may need you to use a primer beforehand. Depending on the formula, you should mix the correct quantity with the recommended solvent and mix it properly.

Apply the liner so that the entire surface gets coated evenly, starting with the thin layer of paint first. Wait for approximately 10 minutes for the surface to dry, and add another layer on top of this. Continue applying until you achieve a desired level of thickness.

Check the following video for specifics.

Choosing The Best Spray In Bedliner

When deciding on the best spray in Bedliner for your truck, there are various factors you’ll want to consider before purchasing one. You’ll want something that will spread easily and evenly on your truck’s bed, offer protection from all the wear and tear of heavy-duty use, and look great as well. Here are some factors to pay attention to when deciding the best spray in Bedliner for your needs.

Ease Of Use

If you can hardly get the spray on liner out of its can, then it’s of no use to you. Fortunately, the good thing about most spray on Bedliners available in the market today is that they can be applied on your own. It’s the Do It Yourself (DIY) task that gets easy, provided you know the steps.

While all liners spray somehow, there are different ways a spray on Bedliner can be applied. One of the most effective and quickest ways to apply one is with a spray gun. Gun sprays apply the liner widely and more evenly to attain a uniform, attractive covering. Other bottles have spray bottle applicators or aerosol that clog easily, leading to uneven spray and wasting the product.


When it comes to spray on liners, durability means they must stay on the truck’s bed for a longer period. They take a while to fade. Even when exposed to different elements, including humidity, hail, snow, dirt, rain, and more. They also don’t peel or crack. Otherwise, you may end up wasting your hard-earned money.


When applying a spray in Bedliner, the first thing you’ll want from it is for it to be effective. If it’s not protecting your truck bed as it should, then it’s a waste of money and time. You need to ensure that your Bedliner can stand up to bangs, dents, bumps, scrapes, and scratches.

Beyond protection, spray on Bedliners ought to adhere and stay stuck to the truck bed. If it doesn’t do this, then that’s a red flag; it won’t protect your truck from anything at all.


Once you apply a spray on Bedliner on your truck, you may not need to reapply for a long period. Therefore, before purchasing this product, you’ll want to check the right quantity for you to avoid wasting much money on this.

Fortunately, manufacturers provide sufficient information on how much formula is required to cover a particular area. Measure your truck’s bed size and buy accordingly to make a good investment.

Facts about Spray-In Bed Liners for Pickup Trucks

  • Pickup truck beds are versatile and can carry various items.
  • Truck bed liners can protect them from damage, preserving the value and usability of the vehicle.
  • Spray-on bed liners can be a good investment for any owner wanting to protect their truck bed.
  • Professional spray-on liners can be expensive, but DIY versions are suitable for those who haul occasional furniture or tools during a weekend project.
  • The U-POL Raptor 2K Bed liner Aerosol is the best overall option, eliminating user error and the need for additional equipment, offering two finish options and a self-contained system.
  • The Duplicolor BAA2010 Bed Armor is the best value with its simple-to-use water-based polyurethane formula that comes in various colors and is formulated with DuPont Kevlar.
  • The Rust-Oleum 340455-6PK Truck Bed Turbo is an honorable mention with its wide spray nozzle, large can size, and four times faster coverage, but it has some drawbacks such as humidity that prevents drying and an application learning curve.
  • The U-POL 820V Raptor Spray-On Truck Bed Liner Kit is the best complete kit and comes with everything needed to complete the project, but it has a high margin for error and a 60-minute pot life.
  • The POR-15 Bed Liner Truck Bed Coating is the best OEM quality option, creating a rubberized coating that is safe for use on metal, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood, but requires the purchase of a spray gun and has a long drying time.
  • When choosing a spray-in bed liner, consider the amount and type of use, the quantity needed, the color, and the durability of the formula.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Spray In Bedliner

Are Spray In Bedliners Better Than Other Options?

In matters protection, they tend to provide the best weather resistance and impact than many options. They cover the truck bed entirely. Other Bedliners protect the bed but usually leave seams and tiny cracks open where debris, water, and dust can penetrate easily.

How Much Does A Spray In Bedliner Cost?

It depends on the brand, quality, and quality of the product. One bottle may cost as little as $16, while an entire kit may cost you between $100 to $500. While cheap doesn’t always mean low quality, but you get better results for a well-priced liner.

Where Can I Find The Best Spray In Bedliner?

There are numerous options available in the online marketplace. You can also find them at your nearest auto parts store.

Best Spray In Bedliner: Conclusion

Whether you’re hauling cinder blocks and lumber to a worksite or simply helping your colleague move a couch into his new apartment, your truck hauls a lot of weight for you. If you don’t take care of it, your truck will fall on you pretty soon. As such, the best spray on Bedliner will not only offer your truck the proper protection, but also durability to ensure it always comes through for you.

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