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Are Delphi Auto Parts Good: Delphi vs OEM Suspension & Steering

by Kelvin Yates

Shopping for aftermarket auto parts can always be a bit of a crapshoot when it comes to performance, overall build quality, as well as reliability. So, are Delphi auto parts any good, and are they really worth it?

For those who regularly shop for aftermarket or OEM+ auto parts, Delphi is a well-known and very popular brand. That reputation isn’t without merit, as there are plenty of positive anecdotes with their auto parts.

From personal experience, as well as the first-hand experiences of other folks who’ve used Delphi’s auto parts, their products offer a great blend of quality, performance, and value that appeals to a wide range of folks.

While Delphi might not match OEM auto parts 100% of the way there when it comes to longevity, Delphi’s auto parts are often cheaper than OEM offerings. Yet, they’re still well-built and are known to be reliable.

1. Build Quality – Great Durability Meets Versatile Compatibility

When you’re shopping for aftermarket parts, build quality is a vital factor to consider. After all, why would you want to replace parts on your car with ones that are cheaply built or are defective out of the box?

When checking out what folks on the Fiesta Turbo forums are saying, a lot of people there praised Delphi’s aftermarket suspension parts for their robustness. In some regards; even comparable to OEM standards.

This is particularly significant for niche, enthusiast cars like the Ford Fiesta, where very specific, compatible, and durable parts are essential for maintaining the car’s integrity. So, that’s a thumbs up for Delphi.

Meanwhile, users on the Tacoma World forums have noted that while Delphi is not the main OEM supplier for Toyota vehicles, their parts are often compatible with most Toyotas. And, they nearly enough match OEM quality.

2. Real-World Performance – Satisfying The High Standards of Enthusiasts

Are Delphi Parts Good

Corvette enthusiasts on the Corvette forums have long lauded Delphi auto parts for their ability to meet or surpass the demanding performance standards of high-end vehicles, including highly-strung sports cars.

This is a pretty strong testament to Delphi’s commitment to quality, ensuring that their parts could handle the rigors of performance driving. The Corvette is an especially challenging car, so that’s big praise for Delphi.

Fellow enthusiasts there have noted that Delphi’s steering and suspension parts, in particular, provided a level of control and stability that was on par with, if not superior to, some OEM Chevy/Corvette parts.

On other forums, be it centered on off-roading or sports cars, Delphi’s auto parts continue to win praise for their performance. In particular, their suspension and steering components are pretty highly regarded.

3. Price & Value – Finding The Right Balance Of Cost And Quality

Elsewhere, users on the IH8MUD forum brought to light the cost-effectiveness of Delphi parts compared to OEM options. While they might have a shorter lifespan than OEM parts, the cost savings can be significant.

This makes Delphi auto parts a particularly compelling and attractive option to take into account, more so for budget-conscious car owners. I know all too well just how expensive aftermarket or spare parts can be.

Aside from this, it’s important to consider the long-term cost implications too, not just what you’re paying to buy them here and now. This is where we see cracks forming in Delphi’s (thus far) robust reputation.

Some folks have noted that, while Delphi parts are oftentimes more affordable upfront, the potential need for more frequent replacements down the line could offset the initial savings. So, do bear this in mind.

4. Longevity & Ownership Experience – A Varied Experience

Are Delphi Parts Good

On the IH8MUD forums, a lot of people debated back and forth on the longevity of Delphi auto parts. While some users have found that they tend to last shorter than OEM parts, others noted satisfactory durability.

This further indicates to us that longevity may vary based on the type of part and vehicle model. There are other variables at play too, such as how these parts are used, as well as how hard the car was driven.

Several people on the forums shared their personal experiences with Delphi parts, with some only requiring replacements after extensive use, suggesting that in many cases, Delphi parts offer a reasonable lifespan.

This is not restricted to Delphi auto parts either, as other major brands of aftermarket auto parts can often struggle to match OEM parts for longevity. However, they get close enough, and for most folks, that’s fine.

5. Overall User Satisfaction – Mostly Positive, With A Hint Of Scepticism

Having heard what folks are saying across community forums like the Corvette forums and the Fiesta Turbo forums, many users expressed satisfaction with Delphi auto parts. I, too, have had good experiences with them.

They cite Delphi’s auto parts’ reliability and compatibility as key factors in their positive experiences. This is enough to make or break aftermarket car parts, separating good ones (like Delphi) from trash ones.

Although, while the vast majority of feedback was positive, there were still some critical voices, particularly regarding specific parts or models. Once again, this highlights the importance of vehicle compatibility.

Moreover, others have expressed their thoughts that, for maximal compatibility and longevity, OEM parts are still superior. Granted, that gap between OEM and aftermarket brands isn’t as large as it may seem.

Are Delphi Auto Parts Worth It

Are Delphi Parts Good

Overall, when it comes to analyzing whether or not are Delphi auto parts good, they remain a pretty strong choice in the aftermarket industry. They offer a compelling selection of auto parts, and for a great price.

While they might not uniformly match the longevity of OEM parts, their affordability and overall reliability make them a worthy consideration for a range of automotive needs. As such, they’re worth your time.

Or, at least, they’re worthy of you taking a closer look at what Delphi offers. As with any aftermarket parts though, make sure to consider your car’s compatibility, personal preferences, and the size of your budget.

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